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      Product Details


      NUX PA-2 Portable Acoustic Guitar Effects Processor


      Color: Brown

      Housing material: Plastic

      Sampling frequency: 32 kHz

      AD/DA conversion: 24bit

      Signal processing: 24bit

      Nominal input impedance: 1MΩ

      AUX IN input: -10dBu/22kΩ

      Headphones output: 125mW+125mW(into 32Ω load) (not included)

      Display: Backlit LCD

      Tuning range: A0 (27.50Hz)-C8(4186.01Hz)

      Reference pitch: A4 (435-445Hz)

      Working with batteries: Lasting for about 8 hours

      Product size: Approx.8.2 * 11 * 2.3cm

      Product weight: 142g

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      Reviews : NUX PA-2 Portable Acoustic Guitar Effects Processor

      • Q:
        Perfect for every stringed instrument! Really!   
        Apr 14 , 2015
        This pick up was ordered for my 7 year old granddaughter so she can play along with her father on his amped guitar (she is a very primitive violin player who doesn't seem to possess the family's musicality). As it was inexpensive, not much was expected. Imagine our surprise when it did an outstanding job of picking up her every error. She is particularly pleased with making the waa-waa sound which doesn't really enhance Twinkle, Twinkle. The pick up is as good as another, far more expensive pick up purchased previously. There is nothing to note in terms of flaws. It is not Kid-proof sturdy, but has held up to daily playing for a few months.
        by Larry
      • Q:
        Apr 14 , 2015
        The newest PA-2 model now accepts 9V power adapter. The guitar in and out ports take the most common 1/4 inch mono plugs. The headphone port is 1/8 inch stereo. The guitar out and the headphone can work simultaneously. It's not a pedal. To make it a pedal, you need to buy an A/B line selector or something like that. BOSS LS-2 and Electro-Harmonix chillswitch are two examples. PA-2 itself provides adequate knobs for you to tweak the sound. You can save up to 9 custom settings. Even the volume settings are saved. At the price of lower than $50, I can't complain anything. It adds a little juice to my acoustic guitar with just a small box of the size of a palm. The two effects that can be added are chorus and reverb or chorus and delay. Of course, you can tweak the three-band EQ and compression in additional to those two effects. In my church, guitar, piano, all mics share one mixer. I can set the sound for my guitar so that I don't mess up with other sounds. For me, PA-2 brings more convenience than quality. Bonus: I also play an electric guitar occasionally. The PA-2 works great with it. I suspect that PA-2 and PG-2 are very similar units
        by Simeon
      • Q:
        Great effect for the price   
        Apr 14 , 2015
        I have to admit I did not expect much for the price but this is great. Even if you just use the reverb it's worth the money but all the effects are great, it's like having a new guitar.
        by Oliviero
      • Q:
        a superior sound   
        Apr 14 , 2015
        The Yamaha unit I have is much sturdier, being made of metal, but it contains a lot of presets I'll never use. While I'll still use it, I am very impressed with being able to obtain a superior sound for my guitars by a device that is so much smaller and so much cheaper than the Yamaha unit. I'm going to try it out Sunday when our band performs and look forward to hearing it in a live setting. I would recommend you give this small, inexpensive but impressive unit a try.
        by Daniela
      • Q:
        easily access   
        Apr 14 , 2015
        The unit is made of plastic and is designed as a stand-alone device. You can't include it in your pedal chain. It is about a fourth the size of my Magic Stomp unit and weighs a fraction as much. I've considered velcroing it to the side of my acoustic amp just to easily access the buttons to change the user location if I switch guitars. It runs on 2 AA batteries but will run with a Visual Sound One-Spot as well.
        by Will
      • Q:
        Well worth the money   
        Apr 13 , 2015
        I play acoustic guitar on occasion with my Christian rock group. I primarily use a Taylor and a Carvin for those times. I have used a Yamaha Magic Stomp for the last several years, and while it's still a very serviceable unit, I was intrigued by the PA-2 when I came across it on Amazon. I already had a Nu-X Mod Core pedal with which I was satisfied, so ordered the PA-2. It has 9 preset tones of which a few are usable by me. You can also create 9 user tones. I spent a few hours with it and was able to dial in a very acceptable tone for the Taylor for when I play with a pick and a separate tone for when I finger-pick. I was able to do the same for the Carvin.
        by Jack