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High-quality Professional Acoustic /Electric Guitar Bass Capo Tuner Folk Meideal TCapo20 Black#177

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      Product Details


      High-quality Professional Acoustic /Electric Guitar Bass Capo Tuner Folk Meideal TCapo20 Black


      TCapo20 is not only a professional capo but also a professional tuner.

      Tuner with high sensitivity, more accurate, precise, convenient and rapid.


      a.Tuning under spcial key: C(Chromatic)

      b.String instrument tuning: Guitar(G) Bass(B)

      Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)---C8(4186Hz).

      A4 calibration: 430Hz---450Hz

      Tuning mode: clip

      Tuning Accuracy: ±0.5cents

      Power: 1 piece CR2032(3V) (include)

      Size: 7 x 11 x 1.3 cm (W x H x Thick)

      Available color: Black, brown, golden, coffee

      Weight: 96g

      Package includes:

      1 x TCapo20 capo-tuner

      1 x (CR2032)battery

      1 x English manual

      Original packaging

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      Reviews : High-quality Professional Acoustic /Electric Guitar Bass Capo Tuner Folk Meideal TCapo20 Black

      • Q:
        A Great Invention!   
        Apr 25 , 2015
        Now you need not pack a capo and a tuner with this 2-in-1 gizmo.

        The concept if well-conceived, turning from red for off-pitch and green when dead-on. A bit innacurate though, since it'll jump to gree when it's not quite there yet.

        by SRL
      • Q:
        Spectacular Customer Service   
        Apr 25 , 2015
        The seller mistakenly sent me a chromatic/guitar/bass tuner initially of the same make. When I contacted them they said keep the tuner and we'll send the Capo Tuner, and they also threw in another clip on tuner in addition. So I ended up scoring 3 tuners for the price of one.

        The Capo Tuner itself works very well. Only very slight down fall is that your hand get's up tight to the tuner when your playing the fret next to it. Killer deal for what I paid for the little gem.

        by nasser.
      • Q:
        Impressive tuner-- best I've ever seen   
        Apr 25 , 2015
        When it comes to musical gear I'm not easily impressed. You understand; we musicians tend to be perfectionists. I bought this little tuner-- all twelve dollars of it, untried-- simply because it was unique and I couldn't resist giving it a chance. I am very glad I did. This is by far the best tuner I've ever owned. Not only does it serve as an excellent instant-change capo, but there were several unexpected bonuses:
        * It can tune to (G)uitar, (B)ass or (C)hromatic mode, menu-selectable.
        * You can purposely alter the pitch by semitones (I'm not sure WHY someone would want to do that, but the feature is there).
        * It is EXTREMELY fast and responsive. No delay whatsoever, it instantly reacts to tonal changes in the instrument.
        * The one that impressed me: automatic "green light-- it's tuned" mode. The display is red until the moment the instrument is tuned, then the entire display turns green. If it's green-- it's in tune.

        I am pretty decent at tuning an instrument by ear. Once I get the low E in tune... I can tune the rest of the guitar pretty quickly. That said-- the very first time I used this tuner was the fastest I have ever tuned a guitar. That automatic "green light" feature let me know exactly the moment the string was in tune, let me move on to the next one, and suddenly my guitar was in perfect tune. FAST. When you're tuning a guitar, fast and accurate is nice.

        So I am very impressed with this unit. The only potential downside is it is plastic and I don't know how sturdy it is, or how well it will stand up to regular "musician's abuse". But taking it for granted it's durable (being a capo as well)... this is one of the most impressive little gadgets I've seen in a long time.

        (Note: when accessing the battery opening in the back, the main "hatch" turns the opposite direction one would expect-- clockwise to open, counter-clockwise to close. Thought I'd mention that so people didn't sit there like an idiot trying to turn it the wrong direction and scratching their head wondering how to get it open. Ask me how I know that.) ; )

        5 stars, absolutely.

        by danang
      • Q:
        Excellent capo and quick tuner   
        Apr 25 , 2015
        For the price, you can't go wrong!! Capo fits nice an snug and easy to put on and take off. Tuner is quick and reasonably accurate although it seems to 'lock in' when the tuning is 'close' -- but it quickly lets you know where you need to be. With the (3) half-stop options, you can quickly drop your tuning by a half, whole, or 1-1/2 stop. Since I use a copo all the time, a tuner is now always handy and clipped to my headstock when not in use.
        by Hara拧ta