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      Cherub WST-550U Ukulele Tuner

      WST-550U clip-on tuner is specially designed for tuning Ukulele
      1. Vibration sensor allows accurate tuning in noisy environments
      2. Auto-detect function indicates note name
      3. Easy-to-read LEDs show you which way to tune
      4. Auto-off feature increases battery life
      5. 180°rotatable clip-on design
      6. Tuning range: A2(110Hz)~D5(587.33Hz)
      7. Tuning mode: C key Ukulele, D key Ukulele
      8. Tuning precision: ±1 cent
      9. A4 range: 440Hz
      10. Detection method: Clip
      11. Display mode: LED display
      12. Tuning method: Auto
      13. Power supply: 3V(CR2032)Lithium battery
      14. Dimensions: 54(W)x17(D)x60(H)mm
      15. Weight: 20g

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      Reviews : Cherub WST-550U Ukulele Tuner

      • Q:
        Apr 16 , 2015
        It works really well and it's super easy to use. The only annoying thing about it is that sometimes it doesn't pick up A string as an A string. It tries to tune it to G, but once you get the tune closer to A it will pick it up.
        by Aminee
      • Q:
        Apr 16 , 2015
        This little thing is FANTASTIC!! It's really easy to use--I didn't even have to read all the instructions. The first time you tune up a brand-new ukulele, or a ukulele with new strings, it will be a little hard to tune. You just need to figure out which way to turn the pegs at first, and if you get it wrong, you can just try again. With new strings, the indicator will [most likely] not show the correct string you are plucking. That just means that the string is VERY far from where it needs to be, either flat or sharp. This thing is awesome--it's so tiny that I just keep it on my uke when I'm playing, for quick tuning. New ukuleles will need to be tuned constantly, and if I didn't have this electronic tuner, that would be a huuuuuge hassle.

        by Monica
      • Q:
        Handy tuner   
        Apr 16 , 2015
        I think this is a great tuner! It tunes my uke perfectly, and it's very easy to use. One tiny negative thought about this is that sometimes it will switch back and forth from red to green, but other than that, this is a great tuner!
        by Simon
      • Q:
        No Excuse For Not Having One   
        Apr 16 , 2015
        Many people don't bother to tune up. (I guess they think it's somehow "beneath" them.) But these very same people will complain that their playing "just doesn't sound right." Well? What do you expect?

        Don't make the same mistake that these clueless ones make. This l'il tuner's as cute as the kids you're trying to teach. It's a quality device with a cheap price. Say. That rhymes.

        by Franco
      • Q:
        Easy! Great for beginners   
        Apr 16 , 2015
        I bought a ukelele, a book and this tuner and I was playing love me tender in two nights (not well, but hey). My 7 and 5 year old kids LOVE tuning it. "Yes! Green light" is a fun part of the experience as I get used to how the uke is supposed to sound. I STRONGLY recommend this tuner if you are just getting started. I could not tune the uke by ear if my life depended on it.
        by Francesco
      • Q:
        Highly Recommended. Great for the Beginner!   
        Apr 16 , 2015
        This is a great tuner. It's easy to use and helpful for those who don't have that tuning ear. Recommend shop around. I got mine for $10.00.

        by Accattoli